It seems somehow appropriate that I’ve been staring blankly at a blank screen, at the eleventh hour, in trying to verbalize what it is that makes me put things off.  It’s not just the blogging, but most things that I should be doing (no, really, the undebatables, like laundry or getting to work on time) that seem to get waylaid by…absolutely nothing.  I wish I could say it was at least a rejuvenating “nothing,” but mostly that “nothing” is useless busywork that’s exhausting  and unfulfilling.

On the other hand, I did the laundry and figured out how to add that “blog-a-day” badge over to your right, a la HTML.  Perhaps it’s not procrastination that’s the problem, but over-extension.  Perhaps it’s time to get a more realistic scope of accomplishments; time to start celebrating baby steps taken rather than brooding over destinations not yet determined, let alone unreached.  Perhaps it’s time to slow down and be, and trust that all is as it should be for right now, asit will be in every right now.

Still, I’d love it if the coffee brewed itself and morning didn’t always come quite so early…


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