So here we are, back for another crack at this blogging thing.  Apparently some habits die hard.

Much has changed since the last time.  For one, I’ve now completed the 200-hour foundations level yoga teacher training. This was an amazing five-week intensive at BodyMindLife in Sydney, Australia (a city I just slightly fell in love with this year).  The training and staff were awesome, the facility beautiful, and my cohort were pretty much the most incredible collective to have journeyed with.  The process shifted something: I am not the person I was when I started.  What that means is subtle and still unfolding, but I can feel the difference in the way people relate to me, in the way I perceive challenges, in what I believe I’m capable of and worthy of.  Pretty powerful stuff!

And so, back to the blog.  I love writing, even when it’s excruciating, but I had struggled to find something meaningful to say here on a consistent basis.  It could be trite but fun and that would have been fine, but somehow it didn’t satisfy me.  Why bother?  What with the yoga journey, in which I’m now planning a 10-week beginner’s class right out of the hopper (and a few other tricks up my sleeve, but that’s for other posts), it finally feels like there’s something authentic and legitimate to reflect on and share in these proverbial pages.  It may still be a mish-mash for a while, but I think the essence and direction of the blog will become clear in due time.

Looking forward to your company as this unfolds!


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