I’m a writer, singer, and quirky girl in the word, ever keen for an adventure, a good story, and authentic self-discovery.

I was that kid who’d bike to the local Value Village and scour the record bins for inexpensive treasures I’d maybe only hear of but not heard before, and amassed a collection before that was ‘cool.’ I’ve volunteered for CJUM 101.5 FM radio in Winnipeg (presenting on-air and doing anything else around the station that I could possibly lend a hand to), have written reviews and snapped photos for a few local papers, lent a hand to Jazz Winnipeg Festival for a few years, and helped set up River City Rumble rockabilly festival in 2013.

I’ve performed and recorded as a singer in Canada and New Zealand, and am on the lookout for a new project in my current UK digs. Need a singer? Call me, we’ll talk.

I still love doing all of these kinds of things, and love music and music history ever-more voraciously. I’m thrilled to land in some of the locations where the greats came before me, and I’m pleased and excited to share  the knowledge, passion, and discovery with you!

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