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Sunshine Superman album

Glasgow’s Greats: Donovan

A brief look at Glasgow native and consummate psychedelic folk singer, Donovan

"SoulShack Survivors" album

#89 Funkmobile | Bass is Base

Counting down HuffPo’s 100 Best Canadian Songs Ever. #89 is Bass is Base’s “Funkmobile.”

"Sweat of Your Brow" record label

#93: Sweat of Your Brow | Jully Black feat. DeMarco

We’re counting down HuffPo’s 100 Best Canadian Songs Ever. #93 is Jully Black feat. DeMarco with “Sweat of Your Brow.”

CC Music store sign

The local music shop: a salve for Glasgow weather woes

A look at a few legendary Glasgow bands and the guitar shop they shared in common.

#95: Informer | Snow

We’re counting down the Huffington Post’s declaration of Canada’s Best 100 Songs Ever, and at #96 is Snow’s “Informer.” Now, it’s not that I disparage Darrin Kenneth O’Brien’s mad rap skills; they’re quite formidable. I respect the man’s ability, and while this is a hugely recognizable track that enjoyed tremendous chart success in 1993, I […]

"Sunshine On Leith."

…but there is Sunshine on Leith!

A quick look at Leith, and Scotland’s most famous musical twins.

Travis, "Why Does It Always Rain On Me?"

It rains a lot in Scotland…

It’s all about the rain! Scottish hit tunes, powered by nature.

Glasgow’s Greats: The Legends of Bearsden

Today we take a look at the pop music legacies of some of Bearsden, Glasgow, Scotland’s most famous artists.

"Maybe Tomorrow" cover art

Maybe Tomorrow: a closer look at New Zealand’s Goldenhorse

A quick look at the New Zealand band Goldenhorse, and a brief eulogy for the king of the blues.